10 Tips for successful tagging

Organizing digital photos is just half the battle, it holds no values if you can’t search a photo

Tagging your photos with custom keywords is a way to go. There are couple of choices you have to tag your photos, either using tools like Windows File explorer or using an automatic tool like tagEZ.

Adding custom keywords inside your photo can be effective only if you follow a good strategy. Below are 10 tips based on my experience that has helped me in past, and I believe valuable to anyone who wants to take control of their photos.

  1. Use keywords from everyday life. For example if it’s a dinner at uncle Joe, just call it so. Tagging the event with words great supper will work, but chances are you will not recall these keywords as you don’t use them more often.
  2. Come up with your custom keywords for categories.
    1. For example anytime you spot that from the group, most photos are portraits, then you may want to add portrait keywords to the your other original keywords.
    2. I also like to tag 5Star to any photos that I believe are 5 star quality.
    3. I also use my own custom keyword cleanup to hint that this folder contains photos that I want to comeback later and clean or remove.
  3. To be continued …

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