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Microsoft File Explorer is a great photo searching tool

Once you start Tagging your photos on computer, then searching is a piece of cake. You don’t have to install or learn any new tool. Just search on Windows Explorer like you search any other file, and instantly find the photo. Use tagEZ to tag your photos remotely from anywhere.

Note, by default Windows doesn’t index JPEG files. Searching photos without enabling the index is depressingly slow. Even though it works, but its almost useless. Hence before you start searching photos, you must add your photo folder to the Windows index.

Adding folder to index

Adding folder to Window’s index. (need to do this only once)


Once indexing is over, then simply type the keywords or tags on search bar. Windows explorer can look up those photos in a snap. It is really really fast. For example in our test with 90,000 photos (260 GB ) it takes fraction of seconds to look up a specific tagged photo. Good job Microsoft for this one !!

Cake -> Will return all photos tagged as cake.

2014 AND winter AND Lego Land  -> Returns photos that have all keywords 2014, winter, Lego and Land. Note when tagEZ auto organizes your photos. It auto tags based on Year, Month & Season. So all your Winter trip already will be tagged as Winter and the year you had those. Similarly all weekend trips will have Saturday or Sunday in them. Of course GPS enabled camera will also feed Lego Land to those photos. If not you can provide that information remotely.

It’s always a blessing to see existing tool like Windows Explorer work for you. Not only that, it will also be well supported from Microsoft.

All you have to do now, is auto tag your photos on computer. From anywhere in the world using our handy tool tagEZ.

Quick video of more search combinations.

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  1. Thanks for pointing out this great hidden feature of Windows Explorer. It was pathetically slow to search photos in past. Now gradually I am catching up with my photos, by tagging them with tagEZ and search is on Windows Explorer is simply awesome. I can live with it.

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