First time users? We understand how unpleasant it could be if you ran TagEZ on years of your photo collection. To only discover later that the arrangement scheme is not upto your taste. This is why we developed a sample run. Please go over sample run below before you finally jump to configure for all your photos. If you have questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

TagEZ sample run -
  • Running TagEZ first time, TagEZ will create two folder – ‘TagEZ Source’ and ‘TagEZ Destination’. This is just for sample run. You can delete these folders later.
  • Source is where TagEZ watches for any new photos that you dowload from cameras/phones. Destination is where TagEZ will organiz photo at.
  • Your action – Just copy several photos to the ‘TagEZ Source’ folder on your desktop. Then click ‘Watch’ button to run.

Time to observe –

  • Photos from source folder will be moved to the destination folder. Check ‘TagEZ Destination’ folder on desktop. Looks good?
  • Duplicate handling – Copy some of the same photos again to source folder. Since these photos already exist at the destination. They will be moved at ‘Junk’ folder under Destination folder. Once a while you should delete Junk folder. Just like how you empty recycle bin on PC.
  • Good so far? Ready to configure.
Configuring TagEZ -
  • Source folders – TagEZ watches these folders. Add any folders that you want to be looked at for unorganized photos.
  • Destination folder – This is like your final photo shelf. Folder where you like your organized photos to live.
  • Insert keywords in photo header – When this checked, TagEZ will insert keywords to photo header following industry standard. So you can instantly search any photo. It is recommended you check this option for search to work.
  • Optional Email – Provide an email so TagEZ can talk to you. TagEZ periodically asks more details over the email. You can answer emails from anywhere in the world and TagEZ running on your PC will insert more keywords from your reply.
  • Already somewhat organized? –  Have some folders with meaningful names and don’t want to lose this information. Just manually add a dash (‘-‘) infront of the folder name. TagEZ will pick keywords from the folder name. For example say you had a folder “July Weddin” just change it to “-July Wedding”.

Ready to run? 

  • Click ‘Watch’ button, that’s it. Leave TagEZ running. It’s not a one-time tool, rather designed to runs forever like an appliance.
  • On your laptop? No worries when you close laptop it will sleep. When you open laptop it auto starts from where it left off.
  • Now onward – When you download new photos to your PC/laptop. Just copy them to your source folder. TagEZ is always watching your source folder and will do its magic.
Searching photos -

General tagging guidelines -
  • Use keywords that describe the event. Not the place, or person. For example “Lisa’s wedding” is a lot better keywords. Because when we search, usually human mind is better at remembering events.
  • GeoTags will be auto added by tagEZ ( in the future version ). So no point in manually adding a location, unless absolutely necessary, in the future version TagEZ will determine this automatically.
  • If a folder contains several similar objects like ‘flowers’ then it makes sense to tag the entire folder as flowers. Or sunflower, or tulips.
  • Please note that it’s better to use full form than short form. For example, inserting keywords – Birthday is better than bday.