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Launching setup
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Earlier versions of Windows
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Running setup
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Just ADD -> SELECT -> GO

Add cluttered folders to TagEZ. Clutter folder or folders are where you & family copies photos from their devices like IPhone, IPad, or DSLR cameras. These set of folders will be continuously monitored by TagEZ. Anytime new photos are copied to those folders, TagEZ will instantly organize for you at clean folder that you select in step below.

Select a clean folder. Clean folder is where you want tagEZ to *move* (and not copy) photos. TagEZ will move all photos from clutter folders over to clean folder, by organizing based on year / month / date. Think of this folder as photo shelf, which is maintained by TagEZ.

Click Go button. TagEZ will start scanning cluttered folders and will move your unorganized photos at clean folder. You can pause TagEZ anytime while it’s running. Also you can click Hide button to hide TagEZ to system tray. It is recommended that you let TagEZ running for two reasons. One so it monitors your cluttered folders for any new photos you copy.  Two so it interact with you over email.

Why email – Email is one of the most innovative function of TagEZ. We wanted to develop something that don’t require you to babysit the software on PC. So with minimum input you can auto organize your photos. Once it started to organize photos TagEZ emails you with sample photos. You can respond to those emails with any details. That details get added to photo folders at your home computer. If you also selected Insert tag option, TagEZ will insert that information inside photos.

Insert Tags to EXIF headers – TagEZ can auto insert tags to your photos. For example photo taken on July 19 2002 will be tagged as July, Summer, Friday automatically. Tagging is done using EXIF industry standards, so you can use any tool of your choice to search photos later.