We strongly recommend, that you first try TagEZ on a smaller set of sample photos, before trying on your entire collection. If you like how it works, then great. If you have questions, please contact us.

One time steps -
  • Decide on Photo-Shelf – It’s easier if you keep all photos organized under one root folder, let’s call it Photos-Shelf.  You can name it whatever you like. But, having all photos organized under one root, is also beneficial, for back up.
  • Decide on Photo-Sink – It’s a folder where you copy all unorganized photos. Name Sink similar to Kitchen Sink. You and the entire family can dump un-organized photos there.
  • Configure TagEZ – Select your Photo-Sink as input folder, and your Photo-Shelf as output folder. Check the configuration section below on how to.
  • Then click START button to run TagEZ.
What to expect -

Organization & Tagging: Say you have photos in your Photo-Sink folder, from your trip to Hawaii in June 2006. And you copied as below structure.

  • D:\Photo-Sink\Hawaii\ (Contains few pictures on June 2nd)
  • D:\Photo-Sink\Hawaii\Snorkeling (Contains few pictures on June 4th)
  • D:\Photo-Sink\Hawaii\Submarine ride (Contains few pictures on June 6th)
  • D:\Photo-Sink\Hawaii\Submarine ride\Posing with the crew (Contains few pictures on June 6th)
  • D:\Photo-Sink\Hawaii\Misc (Contains several photos from various dates & phone)

TagEZ will arrange these photos to –

  • D:\Photo-Shelf\2006\June\June 2nd @ 2006 – Hawaii\ (with tags ‘Hawaii’ )
  • D:\Photo-Shelf\2006\June\June 4th @ 2006 – Hawaii Snorkeling\ (with tags ‘Hawaii’ ‘Snorkeling’)
  • D:\Photo-Shelf\2006\June\June 6th @ 2006 – Hawaii Submarine ride\ (with tags ‘Hawaii’ ‘Submarine’ ‘ride’)
  • D:\Photo-Shelf\2006\June\June 6th @ 2006 – Hawaii Submarine ride Posing with the crew \ (with tags ‘Hawaii’ ‘Submarine’ ‘ride’ ‘Posing’ ‘crew’)
  • D:\Photo-Shelf\2006\June\June 3rd @ 2006 – Hawaii Misc (tags Hawaii Misc)
  • D:\Photo-Shelf\2006\June\June 5rd @ 2006 – Hawaii Misc (tags Hawaii Misc)
  • Note you must check option: Insert TAGs in photo header to have tags inserted in photos.

Isolate Duplicate: All along TagEZ keep track of all photos under Photo-Shelf by maintaining an index. So Photo-Shelf contains no duplicate photos. Try by copying a duplicate photo under Photo-Sink it will be moved under Photo-Shelf/Junk Folder.

Configuring TagEZ -
  • Source folder – This is where you will pick Photo-Sink folder. Or folder that contains unorganized photos.
  • Destination folder – This is the place to tell TagEZ which one is your Photo-Shelf folder. Or the folder where you like your organized folders to live.
  • Optional Email – Provide email so TagEZ can talk to you. TagEZ periodically asks you more details to add to photos at home. You can answer emails from anywhere in the world. TagEZ running at home check its email and apply changes to photos at your PC.
Searching photos -

List of commands and their purpose -

For TAGing a picture or entire album, you don’t need any command, since this is most common operation. All you do is hit reply button on your email program type some sentence like – John’s first walk, then SEND. tagEZ applies those tags. Only for the special command, you have to include ‘!’ sign like below. Currently, supported commands are as follows –

  • !stop – stop TAG emails completely. You can start again by sending any of below command again.
  • !slower – receive once a week.
  • !slow – receive once every alternate day.
  • !medium – receive once a day.
  • !fast – receive two times a day.
  • !faster – receive four times a day.

Below commands only applies to individual pictures and not to entire album. No worry if you send them accidentally for album, tagEZ is smart to ignore them.

  • !delete to move your picture to ‘deleted’ folder.
  • !rotate – rotate 90 degrees clockwise.
  • !rotate90 – rotate 90 degrees clockwise.
  • !rotate180 – rotate 180 degrees clockwise.
  • !rotate270 – rotate 270 degrees clockwise.
General tagging guidelines -
  • Use keywords that describe the event. Not the place, or person. For example “Lisa’s wedding” is a lot better keywords. Because when we search, usually human mind is better at remembering events.
  • GeoTags will be auto added by tagEZ ( in the future version ). So no point in manually adding a location, unless absolutely necessary, in the future version TagEZ will determine this automatically.
  • If a folder contains several similar objects like ‘flowers’ then it makes sense to tag the entire folder as flowers. Or sunflower, or tulips.