1. What is tagEZ ?

Most households have at least 5 cameras in some form. Everybody like to take pictures, but no one has time & energy to organize them. tagEZ auto-organize photos on PC, so you can find them quickly. It is *not* cloud based, so your photos stay on your computer. tagEZ is also a great backup tool. It auto-backup photos up to three locations. It’s your assistant at home who talks to you over emails & systematically organize & tag photos at home PC.

2. What is EXIF - Meta headers and why it's important ?

Digital photos have industry standard headers. Cameras whether they are DSLR, point & shoot or cell phones. They all stores information about photo inside these headers. Things like when was the photo taken, where was it taken. Also there is place for keywords or TAGs. But keyword slot is left blank by cameras.

tagEZ insert information to those headers. So most searching tools including File Explorer that comes with Windows can look up and search your photos quickly.

Beauty about storing TAGs inside EXIF industry standard headers, is that now you can use any tools to search your photos. Not that most other tools maintains separate database of these tags. Which means your photos become hostage of these tools, as an you can not uninstall these tools. While tagEZ inserts TAGs inside photos directly, and organize photos directly on file system. So you can uninstall tagEZ any day you like. Your photos will still be searchable and stay organized.

3. How does tagEZ organize my photos ?

All digital photos taken by modern cameras have metadata headers. Which stores information like, when the photo was taken. tagEZ read that information and auto organize your photos in form of folder & sub folders. For example all photos taken on May 31 of 2009, will be moved to clean folder under 2009/May-31 @ 2009

Most innovative feature of tagEZ for busy folks is. It emails you folder information with sample photos from your computer. You can respond to those emails at your leisure time. tagEZ then append that information to your folder and tag all photos inside that folder with same information.

For example if you received email from tagEZ on above folder May-31 @ 2009 and you responded with Beach Party. Then tagEZ will EXIF-TAG all photos inside folder with Beach Party keywords and rename folder to be – May 31 @ 2009 – Beach Party.

4. Is tagEZ cloud based? Does it upload my photos anywhere ?

No, tagEZ doesn’t upload your photos anywhere. There are no middle man or servers between you and your photos. When you chose to remotely tag your photo via email, tagEZ emails your photos directly from your PC to your email. Just like you would email it to your family, by following industry standard email security protocols, which is direct from your PC to your email.

When you respond back from your email to add more information, all email programs leave attachments at your device and just text part or command parts is sent. So we never get to see your photos.

5. When existing photos already have meaningful names & structure ?

Note that it still make sense to use tagEZ even if you previously have organized folders with meaningful names, because.

  1. tagEZ will automatically move photos at right chronological order without you having to manually move folders. For example 2002 / January 19th @ 2002 / – John First Walk
  2. Moving forward you can trust tagEZ as smart helper to take care of this duty for you. All you have to do is copy folders to input / clutter folder with meaningful name and leave the rest at tagEZ.

Note that tagEZ changes naming to be standard across all folders. And in this process it normalize the names that you have chosen to be consistent.

Some of the transformation to your input folders that you can expect are as follows –

  1. Any underscores ( ‘_’ ) or dashes (‘-‘) will be removed.
    • For example merry_wedding_party –> will change to Merry Wedding Party
  2. If your folder name have ‘@’ sign it will be replaced with ‘At’.
    • For example merry_wedding_party @ beach house –> will change to Merry Wedding Party At Beach House.
  3. All words will be title cased.
    • For example merry wedding party –> will change to Merry Wedding Party.
  4. All duplicate words will be removed.
    • For example merry dancing with merry’s sister and merry’s brother –> will change to Merry Dancing With Sister And Brother.
  5. Order of words will remain unchanged.

6. Should I leave tagEZ running ?

It is not mandatory to have tagEZ running all the time. However if you like to use two important features then it’s necessary to leave it running. Following are the situation when you should leave tagEZ running.

  1. When you want to add more information to photos remotely. So leaving tagEZ running make sense, as it picks up sample photos and email you so you can identify them. And based on your response it can them update local folder on your PC.
  2. When you want to use auto back up. tagEZ can auto backup your photos up to three destinations. It’s very simple interface to schedule either twice a day or once a day. It’s necessary to leave tagEZ running so it can take incremental backup of your photos per your choice of schedule.

7. Does tagEZ supports RAW file format ?

Yes tagEZ supports both Nikon & Canon RAW format, as long as you have their CODEC already installed on your PC. Please see link below for Nikon & Canon CODECs.

  1. Nikon camera CODEC download for Windows.
  2. Canon camera CODEC download for Windows.

We are fast adding more RAW formats as we go. If you own a camera that we don’t support RAW format for, please let us know? This helps is prioritize which one to work first.

8. Does tagEZ supports PNG file format ?

Yes it does.

9. My question is not answered here ?

Note that we don’t like to clutter FAQ page with hundred of questions. We rather update tagEZ to be intuitive enough such that user don’t need to ask that many questions.

If you feel your question is not answered here, please feel free to contact us at: [email protected]

Functionality related -

10. Does tagEZ ever delete any photos ?

No it doesn’t delete any photos on its own. Instead it just moves such pictures in a separate folder named ‘Junk’, and only the user has the permission to delete the pictures.

11. Controlling frequency of emails received from tagEZ ?

Simply reply any email with !fast to change frequency of emails twice a day. More options below –

  • !stop – stop TAG emails completely. You can start again by sending any of below command again.
  • !slower – receive once a week.
  • !slow – receive once every alternate day.
  • !medium – receive once a day.
  • !fast – receive two times a day.
  • !faster – receive four times a day.

Idea is that we don’t want to SPAM you with your own photos if you don’t like. So TAG your photos at your own pace, slowly at your comfort. We understand that is not the only priority in your life. But even slowly at least you are are now TAGing, its better than not. Because now you can pull up the picture when you need one.

12. How do I tag photos remotely ?

An innovative feature of tagEZ is that it talks to you over email. Time to time, tagEZ selects a folder, then email you few sample photos. This is so you can identify what those photos are all about. You can reply emails just like how you would normally reply with text & sentences. tagEZ extract out keywords from your email to tag your photos on PC. When you later search for those keywords, those photos can be found. Essentially you are custom tagging your photos from anywhere in the world, while your photos stay on our PC. You can add as many as 3 emails. So you your friend or family or grandma from across the world can join in tagging your photos. For example it will tag below set of pictures with keyword tags Chicken Curry.


13. How tagEZ recognizes duplicate photos ?

tagEZ generate signature of the photos, and compare signature. You have same different filenames, but if they are exact same photos in content, then tagEZ will detect it.
Once detected, tagEZ move those photos under JunkYard folder inside clean folder. While at JunkYard folder, it follow exact same structure so you can manually see they really are duplicate. Time to time, you should delete JunkYard folder by your hand where tagEZ keeps duplicate photos. tagEZ never delete any of your photos.

14. How do I search my photos on PC ?

Use any tools of your choice to search. In fact you don’t need another external tool, once tagged you can search your pictures using in built in File Explorer. Just search like –  camping ocean shore. This will search all photos that have tags Camping, Ocean, Shore. Also we have a detailed tutorial page with images & videos on searching please check out searching your digital photos.


15. Does tagEZ modify / alter my photos ?

No, tagEZ doesn’t modify the picture itself. However it insert tags or keywords inside metadata fields of your pictures. This is so you can easily search your photos. But no real change to your photos itself.

15. What are list of commands TagEZ can follow from email?

To insert keywords, you don’t need any command. This is the most common operation. All you do is just hit reply button on your email program type some sentence like – John’s first walk, then reply. Only for the special command, you have to include ‘!’ sign like below. Currently, supported commands are as follows –

  • !stop – stop TAG emails completely. You can start again by sending any of below command again.
  • !slower – receive once a week.
  • !slow – receive once every alternate day.
  • !medium – receive once a day.
  • !fast – receive two times a day.
  • !faster – receive four times a day.

Below commands only applies to individual pictures and not to entire album. No worry if you send them accidentally for album, tagEZ is smart to ignore them.

  • !delete to move your picture to ‘deleted’ folder.
  • !rotate – rotate 90 degrees clockwise.
  • !rotate90 – rotate 90 degrees clockwise.
  • !rotate180 – rotate 180 degrees clockwise.
  • !rotate270 – rotate 270 degrees clockwise.
Setup related

16. What happens to TAGs if I uninstall tagEZ ?

tagEZ inserts tags inside your photos, using industry standard EXIT headers. So even after you uninstall, the tag information stays with you, and still useful for searching. This is one of the big differences between other software and tagEZ. Many well knows software store tags and folder structures inside their own database. They keeps you captive, because when you uninstall those software, you loose all the information and all the hard work & time you had invested.


17. Why tagEZ is not auto updating ?

tagEZ auto update process involves downloading newer version then shutting down itself. And relaunching with newer version. When you install tagEZ at Program File folder ( C:\Program Files ) auto update will not work if you run it as non admin user. You have three choices –

  1. Install tagEZ at outside of Program Files folder. For example install at C:\tagEZ and it will auto update. Feel free to uninstall and install at C:\tagEZ.
  2. If you mus install it under Program Files then one other way for auto update to work would be launch tagEZ in administrator mode. This is because Windows restrict file download or copy to Program Files if you are not administrator.
  3. Last option is you can notified with a message on tagEZ about update available. Then you can download latest update from

18. How to generate more detailed logs ?

By default TagEZ produces minimum log. This is because we don’t want to exhaust user and computer space with unnecessary information, as TagEZ is well tested software.

However it is not possible to test the software in all possible circumstances. So if need arise and you see a behavior that you want us to look at, you can always change logging type to gather a lot more logging data. Once you produced logs, please feel free to share with us over the email, and we should be able to help you right away.

Steps to enable debug log –

  • Go to the folder where TagEZ is installed. By default it should be C:\TagEZ
  • Create an empty file called – debug.txt
  • You need not to restart TagEZ or your computer. As soon as you created this file, you will start seeing a lot more information in the log file.
  • Feel free to rename this file or delete it and your log settings will turn back to default. Which is minimum important logs only.