Adding photos to Windows index

By default Windows doesn’t index JPEG files.  Searching photos without enabling the index is depressingly slow. Even though it works, but its almost useless. Hence before you start searching photos, you must add your photo folder to the Windows index.

Follow these simple one time steps to add your photo folder to Windows index.

Access Control panel – Depending on the version of Windows, there are different ways to get to the control panel. Please follow this Google search link to access Control Panel on your version.

Type index – in the search box of control panel. Then click Indexing Options.










Click Modify button –


















Expand the drive – Select your photo folder, then click OK button.























It will start indexing your photos – Note this can take several minutes depending on how many photos you have. Good news is you have to do this only once.


















Later on, any new photos that are added to your photo folder (for example by tagEZ), will then be automatically added to index.

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