What ?

TagEZ (pronounced as Tag Easy) is a software that runs on PC, with minimum input from user. Just like an appliance on your home.

An average household have 5 cameras in some form. Since first photo was taken in 1826, today we take around 380 billion photos a year, around the world. Everyone loves to take photos but no one wants to organize them. Meet tagEZ, its our answer to hard questions like “Where are photos from camping in summer of 2002?“. It is a powerful photo organizer that always runs in background and monitor computer for photos. When you or family copy photos to computer, it systematically organize & TAG them for you. So you can find a photo right away whether its 20 days old or 20 year old.

Why ?
  • An average household have minimum 80 gigabytes of digital pictures, somewhere in their hard drive.
  • There are 10 billion photos taken every month, we rarely have time to organize our photos.
  • You could never easily find a picture that you need for the moment to print, share or view.
  • A lot of duplicate pictures, as result of adding more hard drive and copying around.
  • You have no time to babysit this picture mismanagement. Like arranging, sorting, tagging, rotating or deleting.
  • Your family have 4 to 5 cameras in some form. Meaning this mismanagement is growing at the speed which is almost uncontrollable.
  • You really need someone to do it for you automatically.
Who ?

TagEZ is created by Naren, started as one person hobby project. Later on, several friends & family joined hands & contributed in some form or another.  If you like to get involved contact – [email protected]