Photo memories are cherish-able. Only if you could find the photo again !

Most households have at least 5 cameras in some form. Everybody like to take pictures, but no one has time & energy to organize them. tagEZ auto-organize photos on PC, so you can find them quickly. It is *not* cloud based, so your photos stay on your computer. tagEZ is also a great backup tool. It auto-backup your photos up to three locations.

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Auto Organize

+ Auto-organize.
+ Isolate duplicates.
+ Clean the clutter.

Auto Bakup

+ Auto-backup
+ Up to three places
+ Easy one-time setup

Runs like appliance

+ No babysitting.
+ Simply start & forget it.
+ Runs around the clock.

Remotely add information

tagEZ talks to you over email. You can respond from anywhere in the world, and tagEZ running at home PC will add information to your photos & folders. Think of it as an assistant running at your home, which requires absolutely no babysitting on the Computer itself.

Set your photos free.
Tools like Picasa, Lightroom and most others, they store organizing information in their own database. It means you can never uninstall those tools. Thereby making your photos hostage to them. tagEZ organizes photos directly on file system, and it inserts TAGs directly to your photos using industry-standard EXIF headers. You can uninstall tagEZ anytime, yet your photos will remain organized and searchable.

Ideal for busy life

TagEZ is a push button photo organizer, like any appliance at your home. Simply point it at your unorganized photos, push Go button and leave it running on your PC. It runs with almost no input from you.

Your helper at home

Think of TagEZ as your helper at home, that interacts with you over the email. It emails you sample photos to ask for details. You simply reply with the information, which then gets added to photos at home. Best part is you are adding those details from anywhere in the world, from any device that supports email.

Isolate duplicates 

TagEZ compare photos and find exact double copy, then isolate those photos. So you can remove them later.

Use existing folder information

So far, if you had been manually organizing photos with meaningful folder names? Not to worry. TagEZ captures that information and append it with auto created folder names. Many users uses this feature to auto add details on folders. For example when they copy a new folder of photos to clutter folders, they name it meaningfully. This information get used by TagEZ to add initial details.

When folder info not available

TagEZ will email you few sample photos from the folder, so you can recall what those photos are about. Just reply to the email like you would reply any email.

Info added to your photos at home

Additional meaningful information gets added to the folder it belongs to. Nice thing is, that you can do this from anywhere in the world, and from any device, as long as it supports email.

Even more

Auto backup

tagEZ is two tools in one. Not only it organize your photos, also you can set it to auto-backup your photos ( or any files ).

Flexible schedule

tagEZ follows two option for auto backup. You can select if you want backup two times a day or daily.

Auto organize & tag

Photos systematically structured, organized & tagged for easy navigation and search.

Remove duplicates

Isolate duplicate photos by image comparison.

Handle most of RAW formats

Seamlessly handle RAW image formats. Nikon ( .NEF ) Cannon ( .CR2 )

No need to babysit your computer

Works of very minimum input from user.

Insert tags inside photo header

Auto insert TAGs using industry standard EXIF header. For example: 5/31/2009 -> May, Summer, 2009.

No new app to learn or install

No new app to install or learn. As long as you have email ( IOS, Android, Windows )

Set your photos free

Photos are organized in folders, and tags are inserted into photo. Search works even after uninstalling.

From our users

RAW files are also taken care of

I tried several tools, but none came up to the promise they made. More ever I don’t have time to baby sit my computer. I capture in RAW format sometime, and tagEZ work automatically on Nikon’s .NEF files and organize them automatically. I discovered so many duplicate folders that, after cleaning those all up, it feels so light.

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Awesome tagging tool

I had tons of digital pictures, with no easy way to lookup a picture. Thanks to tagEZ now they are all auto organized. I continue to refine and tag, by answering emails it sends me. Very innovative tool!

1475662063 Malecostume

Excited to share forgotten photos

It’s amazing to see kids growing up, looking at old picture that tagEZ emails time to time. I instantly share on Facebook well that’s my gratification 🙂

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Removed clutter

I purchased new hard drives few times and copied around photos. I duplicated hundreds of thousands of photos. There was no way to manually go over and clean up unorganized mess. Thanks to tagEZ, it automatically cleaned up duplicates and saved me about 80 GB of hard drive space. Not to mention all photos are now organized as well.

Take control of your photos, download & try tagEZ today.

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